Kyler's Goldsworthy-influenced tree
Sam's Alabastor

Sculpture / Fall 2011
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Be Inspired! Assessment
Be Inspired! Project
Alabaster Carving Assessment
Due Thursday, 1/19
Alabaster Carving
Biomorphic Plaster Carving

Sculptor Presentation Check-list
Stone Sculptor Study

Memento Assessment
Due Mon. 12/5
Memento Paragraph
The Memento

Gargoyle/Grotesque Assessment
Grotesques and Gargoyles!!
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Wire Animal Assessment
Wire Animal Sculpture
Wire Figure Assessment
Wire Figure Sculpture

Breaking Space
Assessment Due Tuesday, 9/27
Styrogami Assessment

Who said paper had to stay flat?(Spring 2011 examples)
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Be Inspired! Project
Thorough Proposals Due Tues. 1/17

Alabaster Sketches
Due Thurs. 12/15

Gargoyle/Grotesque Assessment
Due Wed. 12/7

Memento AssessmentDue Mon. 12/5

Netsuke Looking
Due Wed., 11/16
Sculpture of the Week #1
Due Tuesday, 11/1

Grotesque and Gargoyle Background
Due Thursday, 10/20

Wire Animal Assessment
Due Tuesday, 10/18
Wire Figure Assessment
Due Friday, 10/14
Wendy vs. Alex: Compare
Due Friday, 10/14

Writing for iWeb
Due Friday, 10/7

Looking at Wire Sculpture
Due Monday, 10/3

Breaking Space Assessment Due Tuesday, 9/27Calder Investigation
Due Tuesday, 9/27

Sculpture History #1
Due Mon. 9/19

Due Tues. 9/13

Interesting Sculpture