Clay II Spring 2012Teacher: Holly Houston
Student Web PortfoliosHow to Throw Clay! (Student Instructional Videos)
Student Gallery Spring 2012

Alex' Cylinders

Nina and Julie throw

Neil's Pueblo-inspired Pot


Final Web Directions

Raku Assessment
Raku Fieldtrip, 5/24
Raku Project

Teapot Assessment
Talking Teapots

Majolica Assessmentdue Tuesday, 5/29
Majolica Glazing

iWeb Portfolio Assessment
iWeb Portfolio

due Friday, 5/4

Throwing Video Assessment
Throwing Video
due Tuesday, 4/10

Bowls Assessment
Adams/Morris Cylinder Assessment
Cylinder Surfaces
Old/New Assessment
Old/New Project
Aesthetic Scanning Clarified

Goals for the Semester


Clay II Syllabus
Student Gallery Spring 2012
Student Gallery
Clay II Student Web Portfolios2011

Jeff Munger (MET) musings on clay

Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts
Clay Resource Sites
Glendale's History of the World of Ceramics
Wheel Help
Firing Techniques
Wheel Tools
Wheels from "Away"

Slip Trailing
Slab Projects
More Clay

wiki photo page


Raku Assessment
due Thursday, 5/31

Majolica Assessmentdue Tuesday, 5/29

5 Amazing Teapots
due Friday, 5/17

Raku Project
Research Due Thurs. 5/10

iWeb/assessment due Friday, 5/4

Majolica InvestigationDue Thurs. 4/26
iWeb Personal Statement
Clay of the Week #3Due Tues. 4/10
Adams/Morris Assessment
Due Wed. 4/4

Old/New Assessment
Due Thurs. 3/29

Five AMAZINGLY Thrown BowlsDue Wed. 3/14

Adams/Morris Comparisons
Due Thurs. 3/8

Clay of the Week #2Due Fri. 3/2

Throwing Reading/QuestionsDue Thurs. 2/16
Goals for the Semester
Due Fri. 2/10

Clay of the Week #1
Due Mon. 2/6

Aesthetic Scanning
Due Thursday, 2/2