Be Inspired Project

Essential Question: What impact does learning about a particular artist have on the work you are doing today?

  • To create a sculpture or series of sculptures inspired by a well-known sculptor
  • To share visually and orally your learning about your chosen sculptor;
  • To create a sculpture that clearly shows the influence of your artist;
  • To organize and share your work in a creative and knowledgeable way, in imovie, to present to the class.

Initial Steps (Fill out this planning form:
1. Determine an artist by whom you will Be Inspired from this list or these sculptors or
Sculpture History Be sure you are finding someone for whom you can find both work and biography information.
2. Determine what about this artist you wish to use in your art: ideas, themes, materials/media, etc.
3. Determine what you wish to make, the size you wish to make it, and the materials you need (consider time we have left during semester and the need to work inside, alas).
4. Get idea and timing of work approved.
5. Read about your artist and write an initial biography, collect images.
6. Sketch what you wish to construct, get approval.
7. Go!

PART ONE: Research the following:
  • Who your artist is when s/he was born, where s/he lived during life, etc. AND a photo of your artist if possible!
  • Education
  • The art movement with which s/he is associated, if found
  • Descriptions of mediums, processes, and subject matter
  • How other artists / art movements influenced your artist
  • What was happening in the world during the time your artist was working

Presentation Guidelines:
  • Presentation should not be more than 3 minutes long
  • Use imovie or keynote or some other form of presentation that will be engaging to the other members of the class.
  • Music (from the time period) should accompany your presentation if using imovie; it should add to the presentation, not detract from it.
  • Use enough images to help communicate the message; images should be relevant and present while the information is being given.
  • Images chosen should be powerful sculptures that clearly relate to what is being discussed. BE SURE images are high resolution!
  • Include a title that includes your artist's name and your name
  • Include an introduction describing the project and time period.
  • Include the short biography of your artist (see above) and images by that artist.
  • Include your work and point out how you were influenced by your artist.
  • Include a conclusion that describes what you learned as a result of completing this project. Please identify three things and explain their importance. It is appropriate to read this while looking at your sculpture.
  • Include your bibliography, in MLA format, at the end of your presentation, moving slowly enough for it to be easily read.

First Step: Submit a proposal: there are so many decisions; some will not be appropriate. My word is final. Before submitting, make sure you can find enough information on the artist.

Second Step: Thoroughly research your artist, "filling in the blanks" for the necessary information above.

Third Step: Determine what sculpture you will do in response to looking at your artist's work.

You will be working on your sculpture in class and your research and imovie as homework. Please be aware of the deadlines.

(you should host your presentation on your iweb page)

Practice presentations with a partner and give feedback so it is not boring (draw a box or draw a BOX!)

Presentations: These will happen the last week of class.