ADP iWeb Portfolio

Student Examples

Your start page should include your first name and art portfolio (i.e., "Holly's Advanced Drawing & Painting Portfolio 2011-2012"), as well as an image of the work which you are most proud of at this point.

Write a couple of well-developed paragraphs ( you should be using at least 5 complete and thoughtful sentences per paragraph) that addresses the following. Please be very thoughtful; remember, this is a VERY public portfolio and will be shared not only with parents, but also teachers and students from across the country and around the globe! Please remember to write with great thought.

1. Who are you as an artist?

2. What were your experiences with 2-D art forms before this class?

3. Why did you take this class? What are your specific interests in regards to drawing and painting?

4. What are a few things you hope to do better as a result of this class?

In-Class Projects:

1. Make a page for your Black & White Drawing Portfolio. You should include an image of each of your drawings, with the size of the drawing and the medium listed. (You might choose to create a page for each of the drawings or include them on one page.) You should describe the project and include your reflection from your assessment (take out the prompts, please, but be sure it still makes sense when they are removed).

2. Make a page for your Gelatin Portfolio and include all images and your reflection.

3. Make a page for your Egg Book Solutions. Include the general concept of the egg books and be sure to label each solution.