Advanced Drawing & Painting, Fall 2011

My background

My expectations for students in this advanced class

Communication: Assignments listed with due dates on class wiki, class calendar, on white board in classroom

Homework expectations, "work habits" grade

Project and Homework Assessments

Major Units during Semester:
  • Drawing, with a focus on observational drawing
  • Portraits
  • Printmaking, linoleum and gelatin
  • Color and Painting
  • Independent Focus
  • iWeb Portfolios

Art History's role in Advanced Drawing & Painting
Media exploration and safety in the studio

Field Trips:
  • Cumberland Fair (drawing animals and other Fair subjects from life) Thursday, 9/29
  • Edward Hopper show at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art: Friday, 10/14
  • New York City(!!) (visiting MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other art venues yet to be determined), March 2012