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Concentration Assessment
May Concentration
Ideas due Thursday, May 3

Yarmouth/City Painting Assessment
Due Tuesday, May 1!
City Paintings

Magic Square Assessment
Magic Squares
The Search for Paul Klee

Painting Tips
Color Painting Match
Language Through Color

Charcoal Self Portrait Assessment
Due Friday, 12/16

iWeb Checklist
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B&W Portfolio Assessment
due Fri. 10/28
Black & White Portfolio
last class time day: Fri. 10/21

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Homework AssignmentsConcentration Assessment
Due Friday, June 1st
Artist Inquiry Deadlines
VIDEO Due Friday, June 1st!

Artist Inquiry, part 2
Due Thursday, May 17!
Artist Inquiry

Yarmouth/City Painting Assessment
Due Tuesday, May 1!

Artist Statement
Due Tues, 4/24

Paint outside of class OR do another
Looking and Responding
Due FRI 4/27

THURS 4/12 HW: Paint outside of class OR do another
Looking and Responding

Looking and Responding
Due Tues, 4/3

City Painting compositions/ideas
Due Tues, 3/20

Artists and Contrast List (20)
Due Mon, 3/19
What's at the Museum?
Due Tues, 3/8

Eggs: Spirit & Vacation
Due Friday, 3/2

Looking and Responding

Unusual View
Due Tuesday, 2/7
Portrait iWeb Page
Due Friday, 1/30
Mural Assignment
Due Tuesday, 1/24
Under Your Sink
Due Monday, 1/9

Charcoal Self Portrait Assessment
Due Friday, 12/16

Color Chart Analysis
Due Tuesday, 12/13

Portrait Artists
Due Thursday, 12/8

Egg #16: Thanksgiving Egg
Due Tuesday, 11/29

iWeb Portfolio set upDue Thursday, 11/17
Egg 15Due Tuesday, 11/15

Eyes Nose Mouth Studies

Portrait PrepDue Monday, 11/14

Gelatin Portfolio Assessment
Due Tuesday, 11/8

Eggs 12,13,14
Due Monday, 11/7
Older Eggs

B&W Portfolio Assessment due Mon. 10/31
Halloween Egg (#10) Due Mon. 10/31!!!
Contemporary Printmaker Comparison
Due Fri. 10/28

Gelatin Monoprint Prep
Due Thurs. 10/27

Hopper Research & Egg #10
Due Thurs. 10/20

Eggs 7,8,9
Due Fri, 10/14

Eggs 4,5,6
Due Friday, 10/7

Eggs 1, 2, 3

Egg Book Explanation

Animal Studies
Due Thursday, 10/29 (Fair Day!)

A Glimpse of Your Room

Due Friday, 9/23
Night Drawing

Due Friday, 9/16
Renew a Book

Markmaking 101