Fabulous Mug Search


  • Please find examples of at least FIVE (5) hand-made and interesting mugs from five different artists.
  • Please use the Ceramics Resources on the wiki, and you need to make sure you can find WHO made the mug. If you cannot find that information, don't use that example. (You could also use former students' examples)
  • You MUST Include artist credit for each image.
  • Cut out and glue/tape into your sketchbook so that you can see the images when you open your book. (you will lose points if you have not done this step.)
  • Under each image please:
  1. thoroughly describe the mug and
  2. list which part of this mug you might want to recreate with your mug. Please don't use size as a reason.
OPTION: use the following table to be sure you have all information:
Slab Mug Template, google edition
external image x-zip.png
external image x-zip.png
Clay Slab Mug TableNew.odt